At Blond & Brown we offer a wide range of unique and delicious blended juices. With only the freshest ingredients delivered to us daily, we make sure that getting your juice fix is a boost to your mood and your immunity. Try for example our "Detox Juice" or one of our nutritious power protein shakes! Important for us is that we want our bars to promote good vibes. Not just by offering your daily dose of fresh fruits and veggies, but in the whole experience of visiting Blond & Brown. We want to make sure everybody can enjoy our juices so it won't break the bank.


Blond & Brown was founded by Olle Draijer and Jasper Otten, who are blond and brown respectively. Their journey and passion for juices started as two best friends who travelled from the Netherlands to Southeast Asia and Australia. After enjoying the wild nightlife in Asia, they recovered at the beaches with the best hangover cure: freshly made smoothies. The "Blond" and the "Brown" learned how to shake cocktails at the European Bartender School in Thailand and after 3 years of traveling they wanted to translate their skills into something healthier. During their stay in Australia, they spent part of their time working on farms, picking a great variety of fruits and veggies. Safe to say that they understand their product from start to finish. Coming back home, they are glad to share their passion for juices with you here in the Netherlands and prove that healthy can be delicious too!