At Blond & Brown, we're not just about juices; we're about a revolution in taste and health. Our wide range of unique and delicious blended juices is crafted with the freshest ingredients delivered daily. We're obsessed with creating the best products without any added sugar or cheeky ingredients. Our "Detox Juice" and nutritious power protein shakes are perfect examples of our commitment to purity and wellness. But it's more than just the drinks. We want our bars to radiate good vibes, offering a full experience that goes beyond sipping on your daily dose of fresh fruits and veggies. Our goal is to make sure our juices are accessible to everyone, ensuring high quality doesn't mean high cost.


The story of Blond & Brown began with two best friends, Olle Draijer and Jasper Otten - the original Blond and Brown. Their journey started in the Netherlands and stretched across Southeast Asia and Australia. After nights exploring Asia's vibrant nightlife, they found solace and recovery in freshly made smoothies on serene beaches. It was here the idea for Blond & Brown was born.

Olle and Jasper honed their skills at the European Bartender School in Thailand, mastering the art of cocktail shaking. However, after three years of thrilling adventures, they yearned for a more meaningful pursuit. This led them to transform their cocktail shaking expertise into the art of blending nutritious juices, seamlessly shifting their focus from spirited mixology to healthful vitality. In Australia, they worked on farms, harvesting a variety of fruits and veggies, gaining a deep understanding of their products from seed to glass.

Returning home with a clear direction and vision, they were driven to share their passion for healthful, delicious juices. At Blond & Brown, we're here to show the Netherlands – and the world – that healthy can indeed be delicious. Welcome to our journey of taste, health, and good vibes.